Quickly roast cooked meats, poultry and vegetables.

'Flash' roast cooked meats, poultry and vegetables to perfection in minutes. Using our unique oven users can economically roast a 6kg ham in 2-3 minutes with only 1-2% weight loss.

The product is placed onto a stainless steel conveyor that transports the product through a heated cooking chamber. The cooking chamber is normally circular but can be shaped to suit particular products such as Turkey saddles.  This method of roasting enables the top and sides of the product to be browned or roasted evenly. Typically, a product such as a formed cooked ham will be browned for 300° of its 360° circumference.

If the underside of the product requires to be browned, then additional heaters can be mounted beneath the conveyor belt. These would be controlled by a separate temperature controller.

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  • Conveyor belt, self-feeding system
  • Controllable temperatures up to 700°C
  • Adjustable belt speed (roasting time can be 1-5 mins)
  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Electric powered

Custom Options 

We build all of our machines to order,  providing standard models or custom machines for your specific setup. On our flash roasters common customisations are:

  • Adjustable allowed food dimensions
  • Belt width
  • Single phase or three phase power
  • Overall dimensions – we can work within your constraints
  • Underside heating element for underside browning


  • All our ovens can be customised to meet the approval process of any country on request.
  • Europe: This machine is EC certified.


This machine comes with a warranty including parts & labour.


Each grill is manufactured to order.

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