Grill meats, poultry, fish and vegetables.

Traditional Grills are used for products such as bacon, sausages or other products which are normally fried. With this method of grilling the upper elements are set between 350oC and 450oC whilst the lower elements are set between 275oC and 340oC. 

Specifications Custom Options  International  Warranty


  • Available in small standalone units or large machines for food production facilities
  • Belt width from 500mm to 1.5 metres
  • Cooking chamber lengths from 1 metre to 6 metres
  • Conveyor belt, self-feeding system
  • Controllable temperatures up to 500°C
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Electric powered

Custom Options 

We build all of our machines to order,  providing standard models or custom machines for your specific setup. On our grills common customisations are:

  • Belt width
  • Single phase or three phase
  • Overall dimensions – we can work within your constraints


  • All our ovens can be customised to meet the approval process of any country on request.
  • Europe: This machine is EC certified.


This machine comes with a warranty including parts & labour.


Each grill is manufactured to order.

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