Perfect BBQ Flavour Without Charcoal? We’ve got the Answer…

Achieving a perfectly seared, chargrilled steak, burger,
chicken, fish or vegetable on a barbecue is something we all love to do.

Friday, 9th October 2020

Achieving a perfectly seared, chargrilled steak, burger, chicken, fish or vegetable on a barbecue is something we all love to do. But have you ever wondered how the same effect can be achieved on a large scale, for example at a reception or conference, or at a large hotel with hundreds of guests?

The answer is simple – an industrial grill unit. Contrary to popular belief, the ‘char-grilled taste’ on the item being cooked doesn’t come from the use of charcoal. In fact, the taste comes from the fats and oils of the product dripping down onto the heat below – whether that’s charcoal or an electrical element – and then being converted into smoke which flavours the product. 

To achieve the same effect as a charcoal-based barbeque, Frampton uses industrial grills running top elements at 500-600 degrees Celsius, and bottom elements running at 400-500 degrees to super-heat the food, causing the same effect. 

As the oils and fats drop on to the bottom element, the smoke that is produced is drawn up into the grill chamber to add that ‘bbq finish’. Of course, to add flavour, the food is prepared with a variety of marinades, spices and even olive or vegetable oil to help ignite the process, so to speak.

A significant advantage that Frampton’s grills offer is that not only can chefs produce high-quality, grilled foods in larger volumes with the flavoursome barbeque finish, the food is presented with the attractive traditional bar markings commonly achieved with a domestic barbeque grid.

Industrial grills come in various shapes and sizes, with settings to allow for various types of food to be processed accordingly. For example, the steak grill offers three speed settings so that steaks can be done rare, medium or well-done accordingly. 

We also have grills for perfectly bar-marked fish, vegetables, sausages and similar products – these can also be used to pre-prepare food for ready-meals and as pre-packaged food for restaurants and shops. We even have a specific bar marking machine for asparagus which can then be bottled and sold.

Frampton even offers a high temperature grill for replicating Tandoori oven cooking, and ‘flash’ roasters for ham, beef and pork joints – incredibly, these roasters can produce a beautifully-roasted joint in under 3 minutes

Whatever your need, for the perfect grilled food product, Frampton has the right machine for the task – high-quality end product on a large scale to help you run your business smoothly and easily!

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