Industrial Bar Marking Machines

Bar marking has never been easier, our industrial bar marking machines can be tailored to suit you, giving the effect of having placed the food on a griddle or barbecue.

Traditional-Looking Bar Marks

This gives the traditional bar marks that would be produced by placing the product on a griddle or barbecue. It can be used on its own to give marking on product that does not need to be grilled or cooked, or it can be used in conjunction with other Frampton methods of grilling to give bar marking to seared or even totally grilled products.

The bar marking is achieved by a heated drum that presses onto the upper surface of the product.

The drums are constructed in two different configurations:

1. The drum has stainless steel bars mounted horizontally across the width of the drum. These bars can be of any width from 3 mm wide to 12 mm wide and can be spaced around the drum at a pitch from 10 mm to 25 mm. This allows the product to have bar marks of a width and pitch to suit the customers particular requirements.

2. Alternatively the drum can be constructed with the bars running around the circumference of the drum. This allows the bar marks to be carried out in the direction of the product passing through the machine.

Frampton slab elements are mounted around the circumference of the drum and heat approximately 300 degrees of the circumference of the drum.

The drum is rotated by a geared three phase motor, the speed of which is controlled by an inverter. This allows the length of time that the bars are in contact with the product to be adjusted.

Ceramic wool insulation is fitted behind the heaters to ensure that heat loss is kept to a minimum and the outside panels feel cool to the touch.

A stainless steel wire belt is mounted beneath the drum and it is directly driven by the drum drive. The speeds of the two are therefore always matching.

The centre section of this belt is mounted on a frame which can be raised or lowered using a hand wheel. This allows products of different thickness to be marked, normally from 3 mm to 60 mm. It also allows the belt to be lowered and used as a conveyor when bar marking is not required.


Because we have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide you with equipment that will be suitable for your application and will give a long reliable working life. If we are not 100% confident that the equipment will perform as you require, we will not supply it. We have built up a very good reputation over a long period of time and want to keep it.

When we are having initial discussions with a customer, wherever possible, we like to discuss the project not just with the buyer or person making the purchase but also with the engineers and production staff. The experience that we have had in the food industry enables us to make sure that the equipment that we sell to them is the correct one for their application and we can often assist them with the process that they are trying to achieve.

We ship and install anywhere in the world. We have supplied and installed equipment in China, Russia and North America.

Small ovens and grills can usually be manufactured within six weeks, however large lines can take up to 28 weeks.

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