Large Food Processor Case Study

Large Food Processor Case Study

Supplier of Vegetables and Sauces to Large Food Processors


Project Overview

Our customer explained that they needed a grill to chargrill diced vegetables which would then be used in ready-made meals. What made this application different from normal, was that the vegetables were frozen and to make matters even more difficult they were in solid clumps.

We were able to design a grill with a higher than normal power rating and also zoned along its length to enable it to handle frozen product. We also designed a hopper with motor driven fingers that broke the clumps of frozen product into small individual diced pieces. The premises that the machine had to go into were very small and fitting the machine in was a problem. The customer required an extraction system to remove the moisture and smoke produced whilst in production but was quoted an extended delivery. We, therefore, agreed to design and install a suitable extraction system to enable them to meet their required start up date.

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