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Toasted Sandwich Manufacturing Case Study

Large Multinational Company Supplying Large Supermarkets


Project Overview

The customer approached us with a view to manufacturing toasted sandwiches. After a couple of meetings we made a small hand operated machine that would enable their development team to produce initial samples to prove the food manufacture concept. After a few weeks of trials, we were then asked to produce a small pre-production line to prove the principle of our design. This was manufactured and supplied and was used for several weeks of production, during which we were able to finalise the design of a full-scale machine toasted sandwich making device. This was subsequently ordered and manufactured. It was put into production and it achieved the food quality and production rate required.

The customer particularly liked the way in which we were able to identify their requirements and design, from scratch, a large toasted sandwich making machine that fulfilled their requirements. They also appreciated the close working relationship with their engineers during the design and construction periods to get the machine operating on their food production line.

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