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Our Conveyor Ovens can improve your quality and efficiency

Selecting the perfect conveyor oven for your needs is a critical part of ensuring your food preparation and delivery is first-rate. Conveyor ovens offer users a range of advantages by moving food through heated chambers at a constant speed, allowing for even cooking of food at high volumes with low requirements for intervention.

We know that what you’re looking for are the following key attributes:

  • Constant speed and temperature - to ensure even cooking that you can rely on
  • Consistency, so that you know exactly how long each food item will take to prepare, no matter the volumes
  • Moisture retention, so that the quality of your food is retained through the cooking process
  • Simple, easy operation so that you don’t have long training periods or people making unnecessary mistakes
  • Intuitive construction that allows you to orientate your conveyor oven correctly for your pre-cooked to cooked food processing within your kitchen set-up.
  • Multi-deck capability so that you’re able to prepare higher volumes of foods, as well as different but similar types of foods at the same time – for example, using one deck as an electric pizza oven and another for toasted sandwiches.
  • Versatility so that you’re able to prepare a wide variety of foods in your conveyor oven.

At Frampton Worldwide, our range of electric conveyor ovens range in size from small industrial conveyor ovens for fast food production and single machines to multi-deck machines up to 15 metres long and 1.8 metres wide.

The larger machines are used by medium to large scale producers who want to automate their systems and use a travelling oven in place of deck ovens or rack ovens. This enables reduction in staff and improved consistency in production.

If we haven't got what you are looking for in our standard range we can discuss a custom made machine to suit your requirements. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.


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Typical Food Processes and Food Types

Find out more about the food types and processing methods our machines cover below:


Framptons have manufactured and installed over 1,200 machines. These vary in size from small Fast Food machines up to complete production lines over 40 metres in length. We have supplied and installed equipment not only in Europe but also in China, Japan, South Korea, Israel, South Africa, Russia and North America as well as other Far East and Middle East countries.

Whilst our standard range of equipment covers most requirements in the Food Production industry, there will always be times when a specialised piece of equipment is required. In these cases, we are happy to discuss your requirements and are often able to quote for a suitable machine.

Our pastry/ bakery ovens have a three-year parts and labour warranty whilst grills and specialised lines have a twelve-month parts and labour warranty.

Our machines are designed in a semi modular form and so changes to the length or width of the cooking chamber is possible. These changes may incur a cost. Other more complex changes to the design can be incorporated but this will incur costs and a longer delivery.

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