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Barbecued Taste for Chicken and Fish

Traditionally, charcoal is used for barbecuing. This is not, as many people believe, because the charcoal gives a barbecued taste. In fact, the charcoal does not give any appreciable taste to the product. Charcoal, when properly produced is virtually pure carbon with very little tar or other wood products left. This can easily by proved by observing a charcoal barbecue before product is grilled on it. On initial ignition a small amount of smoke will be released by the charcoal, the amount released will depend on its quality. However, once the charcoal is up to temperature and has turned white, there should be no smell or smoke given off at all. The barbecued taste is imparted to the product by fats, marinades or other liquids dropping from the product being grilled onto the hot charcoal. These are then burnt and the smoke given off passes up over the product and imparts a barbecued taste to it. Some people confuse the barbecued taste with the smoked taste that is achieved by burning wood or wood chips with a controlled amount of oxygen and using the ensuing wood smoke to impart a flavour to the product. A char-grilled taste can also be given to the product if the charcoal is too hot.

Frampton grills can be used to create the barbecued taste to products such as chicken, fish etc. For this method the grill is operated with the top elements running at anything from 500 to 600°C and the lower elements at 400 to 500°C. At these temperatures, any fat that is produced drips onto the lower elements; some of this fat will be partially burnt and converted to smoke. This is then drawn up through the grill chamber and gives the traditional barbecued finish. By adding flavours or spices either into the product or into oils or marinade with which the product is coated, different flavours such as smoked etc. can be achieved.


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When we are having initial discussions with a customer, wherever possible, we like to discuss the project not just with the buyer or person making the purchase but also with the engineers and production staff. The experience that we have had in the food industry enables us to make sure that the equipment that we sell to them is the correct one for their application and we can often assist them with the process that they are trying to achieve.

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Small ovens and grills can usually be manufactured within six weeks, however large lines can take up to 28 weeks.

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