Grills, Ovens and Machines for Vegan Foods

Visually-attractive and familiar chargrilled appearance whilst still keeping the product firm.

Vegan and Vegetarian Grilling and Bar Marking 

 There has been a significant increase in the number of people electing to eat non-meat-based foods, with Vegan and Vegetarian diets – amongst others – which stick to fruit, nuts, beans, pulses, wholegrain breads, rices, non-dairy yoghurts and drinks, salads and vegetables.

Additionally, there has been a rise in the number of plant-based products to replace traditional meat products, for example burgers, pizzas, bacon, non-meatballs, sausages, schnitzels and nuggets, pies and even seafood options.

Added to this, a large component of a vegan diet can be comprised of vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, peppers, aubergines, mushrooms, asparagus, courgettes, onions and more.

For those customers who enjoy these foods, the traditional methods of preparation have remained important, with a chargrilled finish, with bar markings and a smoky, seasoned flavour equally important in the taste profile as it is with regular meat products.

Restaurants have begun to adapt, with expanded non-meat options now occupying significant portions of menus, and in some instances the entire menu, in the case of Vegan- or Vegetarian-specific establishments.

Frampton recognised the need for suitable commercial cooking equipment many years ago, and have been involved with cooking vegan and vegetarian foods for some time. In fact as long ago as the 1990s, we launched a specially designed small grill at the Brighton Fast Food Exhibition, specifically for grilling vegetarian burgers.

As the trend has grown, we have continued to supply a number of grills and bar markers for Vegan and Vegetarian food production, including a large grill to chargrill small pieces of plant-based products to replace chicken pieces as a snack food. 

One of the most popular processes is chargrilling vegetables, fruit and other plant-based products. Frampton high temperature grills give the visually-attractive and familiar chargrilled appearance and taste whilst still keeping the product firm.

Over the last 20 years, bar marking has become increasingly popular for giving the traditional barbecue griddle marks on meat products such as burgers, but more recently we have supplied machines for bar marking many different non-meat products.

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Because we have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide you with equipment that will be suitable for your application and will give a long reliable working life. If we are not 100% confident that the equipment will perform as you require, we will not supply it. We have built up a very good reputation over a long period of time and want to keep it.

Our machines are designed in a semi modular form and so changes to the length or width of the cooking chamber is possible. These changes may incur a cost. Other more complex changes to the design can be incorporated but this will incur costs and a longer delivery.

Small ovens and grills can usually be manufactured within six weeks, however large lines can take up to 28 weeks.

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