Well-Established Baker

Case Study

English Muffins for Well-Established Baker


Project Overview

This customer is a well-established baker and approached us with a request for baking English muffins.

These muffins had to be baked so that both sides appear to have been baked on a hotplate. We modified one of our standard bakery ovens by fitting two conveyors side by side, one going in one direction and the second one travelling in the opposite direction. One operator loaded trays containing muffins onto the conveyor at one end of the oven. A second operator, at the other end of the oven, then placed a second tray over the muffins, turned the two trays over and then placed the lower tray containing the muffins onto the return conveyor. When the tray then reached the inlet end of the oven it was removed and unloaded. The oven replaced a number of four high deck ovens and not only increased production but also reduced the number of operators required.

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