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Flame Grilling for Burgers, Steaks and Vegetables

This entails running the grill at temperatures between 600 and 700°C. This method is normally used for products such as burgers, steaks etc. The intense heat chars the outside of the product and it gives the traditional char-grilled taste and appearance.

Most of the fat that is given off by the product will be ignited by the very high temperature of the grilling chamber and so very little fat is deposited in the fat collecting system. If you look into the grilling chamber whilst the product is being flame grilled, you will see spurts of blue flame being given off by the product. The edges of the products, particularly if they are fatty, will blacken and give the traditional charred appearance and taste.


Because we have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide you with equipment that will be suitable for your application and will give a long reliable working life. If we are not 100% confident that the equipment will perform as you require, we will not supply it. We have built up a very good reputation over a long period of time and want to keep it.

When we are having initial discussions with a customer, wherever possible, we like to discuss the project not just with the buyer or person making the purchase but also with the engineers and production staff. The experience that we have had in the food industry enables us to make sure that the equipment that we sell to them is the correct one for their application and we can often assist them with the process that they are trying to achieve.

We ship and install anywhere in the world. We have supplied and installed equipment in China, Russia and North America.

Small ovens and grills can usually be manufactured within six weeks, however large lines can take up to 28 weeks.

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