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Conveyor Grills built to help scale operational efficiency - grills come with 12 month warranty for parts & labour.

At Frampton Worldwide, we take pride in providing tailor-made industrial grills and food processing machines to cater to the specific needs of food production businesses. Our conveyor grills are used when products, such as meat or vegetables, need to be produced in quantities that normal grills cannot handle or when products need a char-grilled finish. They are also used for browning ready-made meals and products such as Marzipan cakes. 

Take a look at the types of industrial grills and food processing machines we have available for your needs:

Flame Grilling: Our flame grills provide an authentic charcoal-grilled flavour to burgers, steaks, and vegetables. The flame grill is ideal for any business that requires a grilled product efficiently whilst maintaining a high-quality end result. 

Barbecue Grilling: Our barbecue grills are specially designed to perfect chicken, fish, or vegetables with that delicious barbeque flavour. It's easy to get confused with the smoked taste which is achieved by burning wood chips, but our method is slightly different. Find out why our barbeque grills are the ultimate choice for your business. 

Normal Grilling: Simple and efficient, this method is best for products like bacon or sausages which are normally fried and would be burnt or spoiled by flame or barbecue grills

Steak Grilling: With years of experience, we have managed to perfect the art of grilling tasty steaks. With a Frampton steak grill, both sides of a steak can be sealed simultaneously, retaining juices and flavour. 

Searing and Sealing: We have a number of food processing machines which are designed to seal in moisture and juices for meats like chicken or fish. Meat which is grilled using this method will not only have an increased taste, but it will also retain its shape when canned and cooked.

Browning and Gratinising: The appearance of products such as pastas, pizzas and ready-made meals with potato, milk or cheese toppings can be improved by browning the tops either before or after cooking. We also manufacture industrial grills for browning the tops of ready-made meals such as shepherd’s pie. Find out how this can be achieved with our products.

If you can’t see what you are looking for in our standard range, we can discuss a custom-made machine to suit your requirements. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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Typical Food Processes and Food Types

Find out more about the food types and processing methods our machines cover below:


Framptons have manufactured and installed over 1,200 machines. These vary in size from small Fast Food machines up to complete production lines over 40 metres in length. We have supplied and installed equipment not only in Europe but also in China, Japan, South Korea, Israel, South Africa, Russia and North America as well as other Far East and Middle East countries.

Whilst our standard range of equipment covers most requirements in the Food Production industry, there will always be times when a specialised piece of equipment is required. In these cases, we are happy to discuss your requirements and are often able to quote for a suitable machine.

Our pastry/ bakery ovens have a three-year parts and labour warranty whilst grills and specialised lines have a twelve-month parts and labour warranty.

Our machines are designed in a semi modular form and so changes to the length or width of the cooking chamber is possible. These changes may incur a cost. Other more complex changes to the design can be incorporated but this will incur costs and a longer delivery.

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