Commercial & Industrial-Scale Food Processing Machinery

Industry-leading solutions that help businesses scale their food production process.

Scalable, Long-lasting Food Preparation Solutions

We have a range of specialist food product machines including grills, ovens and food preparation equipment. Frampton can build these to scale meaning that they can be adapted so suit the requirements of individual customers - whether that is the volume of food getting produced orthe type of processing. From industrial-quality conveyor grills to bar marking machines, we cover a wide array of industrial food processing equipment and machinery.

Below are the types of food production machines that we manufacture and supply:

Why Frampton Worldwide?

We take design, manufacturing and quality seriously, with a focus on producing machines that are built to last in an industrial application. We have all the necessary skill, expertise and capability to produce bespoke, top-quality machines to our client’s precise requirements.

Manufactured in the UK, our Frampton ovens, grills and machines are innovative and renowned for their simplicity, durability and reliability, with many of our customers using our ovens for over 20 years. We make sure that all of our customers can rely on their ovens with a reliable support plan.

Our revolutionary heating elements come with a lifetime guarantee, and are designed to be easy to use with simple control panels to give you precise temperature control across a broad range, high-speed food processing and consistent air movement and circulation to ensure an even finish.

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Our experienced and friendly consultants can advise you on the best type and scale of grill, oven or machine for your food processing requirements. We offer standard and custom made machines.

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